About Us

What is Toptan App

Toptan App, For those who do not want to spend time visiting the Wholesale Stores, it offers the opportunity to reach the wholesale stores just a click away.

Without the need for the customer to pay for flight+accommodation+transfer+food-beverage expenses, they can search for products in the desired category, communicate with stores instantly and start ordering.

As Turkey's textile center, Merter offers the easiest way to reach wholesale stores in Güngören, Laleli and Osmanbey regions.

There is no real money shopping on Toptan App. You can only order. You can contact the store or the store upon your order. You can trade between you as you wish.

Toptan App does not charge any commission or fee from the order or from your customer or trade.

Toptan App is an advertisement-marketplace platform that brings Wholesalers and Wholesale Stores together.